We raised a seed round

August 08, 2017 - written by William Sulinski

We’re excited to share that we’ve raised a seed round to bring on a few extra hands and expand our capabilities for design and manufacturing. We want to continue to push the limits of recycled and sustainable textile development, and bring you guys into the design process increasingly earlier in the ideation phase, as we create more ultra-functional apparel.

Dave Morin, one of the co-founders of Slow Ventures, has been one of our largest customers for years. When we had trouble keeping up with recent growth of Pistol Lake, and Eudae, he was the first person we reached out to.

Slow Ventures is one of the most active investors in direct-to-consumer brands, including Casper, Allbirds, Everlane, and Blue Bottle Coffee, and after spending a lot of time talking with Dave and his partners about our vision for building a fundamentally different type of company over the next fifty years – one that focused on ethical manufacturing and pioneering recycled fabrics – we knew it was a perfect partnership fit for us.

His firm is different in the venture world, in that it “champions the belief that the long-term approach produces better results for everyone”. They “believe in giving great founders the resources, connections, and experiences they need to build strong, sustainable companies over time.”

Why raise capital? To keep up with growth and scale inventory, to develop new performance fabrics, and to finish the design of a full set of gear for one-bag travel.

Thank you to Dave and Slow for the continued support, and to the other investors joining our seed round including Neil Parikh, co-founder of Casper, Joe Montana’s Liquid 2 Ventures, Social Starts, Gurtin Ventures, Social Starts, Wei Guo, Full Tilt, and the co-founders of SendGrid, Crashlytics, HipChat, Pure Cycles, Blank Label, as well as many other close friends and experienced founders.

Thank you for all your support so far, and here’s to the next chapter together.