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    One-Bag (Midweight Eudae)

    One-Bag (Midweight Eudae)

    Our One-Bag gear is all made from our proprietary fabric, Midweight Eudae.

    Our Midweight Eudae differs from the Lightweight Eudae in that it's a bit thicker and heavier, so it weighs about the same as a nice cotton tee. Whether you need something for a nice dinner with the in-laws or as a base layer on the mountains, our One-Bag line keeps you moving.

    Ultimately, it is the softest, most versatile, odor-fighting, wrinkle-resistant, do-anything, go-anywhere textile you'll find on the planet.

    Eudae does it all – which means you can wear it all day!

    *All orders are final sale and not eligible for returns and exchanges.*

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