Our Story

We started Pistol Lake in 2012 to make a small difference in the world.

We wanted to bring back the level of craftsmanship that for so long defined American manufacturing.

We strive for perfection in everything we make.

Here’s why we’re doing what we’re doing:

1. We believe through ethical manufacturing we can create well-paying jobs for people that need them most.

2. By developing recycled fabrics we can lessen the impact of manufacturing on the world.

3. By developing ultra-functional gear with a natural aesthetic, we can simplify but do more.

Thank you so much for the support, and allowing us to do what we love to do.


William Sulinski, Founder

I grew up in Maine at a time when the best products were still crafted in local factories. My family worked in those small-town factories, stitching shoes from start to finish. I remember visiting the shops and admiring the pride these craftsmen had in making shoes and providing for their families.

I went on to build tech companies for many years, but I couldn’t escape that yearning to make something tangible, like the shoes back in Maine. I started Pistol Lake to make the best athletic fitting basics to last a lifetime.

Many of my nights and weekends are spent building surfboards. It’s a labor of love – each board built by hand, one at a time. Making something special requires a love for digging into the details. The best craftsmanship is meticulous and processes are constantly refined. It feels incredible watching an idea evolve from a crude napkin sketch into a finely tuned product. Yet, there’s always a drive to improve.

At Pistol Lake, I apply that same rigorous approach to the development and manufacturing of our clothes. We’ve built our company on quality products, and we’ll never stop refining and innovating.

Our Story

My brother, James, and I camped at Pistol Lake in Maine every summer.

Shane putting the finishing touches on our v1 packaging.

Packing up the first big batch of orders from our Kickstarter campaign.

Our first ever prototypes ready to photo for our Kickstarter were supposed to be black. Called this color "Prison Orange"

We knit all our fabric custom, here in Los Angeles. This is our first ever delivery from the mill.

After we moved shipping out of our loft downtown, we squatted in this warehouse on La Cienega while it was waiting to be torn down.

Spent the majority of our time in the factory those first few years. Looking for some lost fabric rolls here.

We garment dye a lot, which is why our shirts don't shrink when you wash them. We're learning to draw shrink tests on fabric.