We started Pistol Lake to make rugged, vintage-inspired sportswear in small batches in Los Angeles.

The Team

We’ve kept Pistol Lake small -- Andrew and I design our apparel, manage production, work closely with local mills to knit our fabric, and ship orders from our warehouse in Los Angeles. When you reach out to us, it’ll be one of us that takes care of you.

William Sulinski

William Sulinski

What I'm into: I grew up riding dirt bikes and my pops was always into Harleys. When I moved to Los Angeles I bought my first motorcycle and have ridden every day since. There is nothing like the sense of freedom and the feeling of being a part of the world around you when you're riding. We're blessed to be so close to one of the most beautiful coasts in the world and its impossible not to be inspired riding around here every day.

Andrew Kneisley

Andrew Kneisley

What I'm into: If I could only do one thing the rest of my life it would be surfing. The feeling of riding a wave is truly indescribable and I’ve been addicted to it since I was a little kid. Surfing is much more than just riding a wave though. For me, surfing is more about hopping in a van and exploring coastlines with good friends in hopes of scoring waves at a fickle surf spot. Most of the time, my search for good waves comes up pretty empty, but that is besides the point. The journey with your friends and the crazy stuff that happens along the way is the making of the real campfire stories.

Summers camping on Pistol Lake were what my brother and I looked forward to all year

Pistol Lake represents this reverence for the simple things in life

Our Guarantee

If you don't love your gear, we’ll exchange or refund, no questions asked

Craftsmanship and quality that just isn't around anymore

We build for purpose, sweat the details and make things to last