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    If you have any questions or need assistance, just email us at and we’ll take care of it quickly.



    Q. What does your name mean?
    Pistol Lake is a remote lake in Maine where William Sulinski, our Founder, camped when he was younger and it reflects reverence for the simple things in life.

    Q. Where do you manufacture?
    We ethically manufacture in Los Angeles so that we can ensure our products and partners meet our expectations. It requires being in the factory every day, and Los Angeles is the epicenter of the American textile industry.

    Q. How do you ensure your products are ethically produced?
    We're very particular and careful about the factories we work with. We've had the great pleasure to partner with a local factory in Garden Grove, CA, that does all of our cut and sew. They're a fully licensed, insured facility, and provide above minimum wages to all of their employees.

    We will never manufacture in a facility that doesn't allow us to be hands on during the production process. We insist on seeing that the people who make our clothes are treated well and work in comfortable conditions. We spend a tremendous amount of time at our factory troubleshooting new designs, overseeing production, and developing new samples.

    Our production isn't outsourced to a third party and we manage the entire process ourselves – from cutting, to sewing, to finishing.

    Q. What are your design goals?
    To leverage technical innovation for a simpler, more comfortable life. After spending years obsessing over the fit of our cotton basics, we're focusing on solving problems with performance fabrics.

    Q. Do you have any physical stores?
    At this time, we only sell our products through our online shop and a few select small retailers. We're careful about how our products are distributed, and have chosen to only offer our products directly to our customers. This allows us to ensure the highest quality and best value.


    Returns + Exchanges

    Q. Do you have a guarantee?
    The quality of our garments is a reflection of the expertise and care of the people who sew them. We’re fortunate to work with the best craftspeople, which is why we can stand behind our products.

    Q. Something I bought is defective, what now?
    If something we make is defective, we’re happy to repair, replace, or offer a refund at any point. We cover shipping on all returns and exchanges of defective items.

    Q. What if something I bought doesn't fit or bring me happiness?

    We are accepting return requests for eligible items ordered prior to January 17th.

    Because we are closing up shop and clearing out our warehouse, orders placed starting on January 17th are final sale and not eligible for a return or exchange.

    The final day to initiate returns for orders placed prior to January 17th will be January 31st. After January 31st, we will no longer accept return or exchange requests.

    Refunds are typically processed in 7-14 business days after our warehouse receives your return package.

    If you're outside the US, please email us directly for a return or exchange. We ask international customers to cover the cost of shipping back to us for all returns.

    Q. How do I make an exchange for a different size or color?
    If you'd like to exchange an item for a different size/color/style, please place a new order online for that item you'd like. 
    Then please visit our returns portal to get a free return shipping label for the original item(s) you'd like to send back– to get started, click here! We'll refund your purchase once your package is received and processed by our warehouse. 

    We don't offer direct exchanges in order to expedite the exchange process.

    Because we are closing up shop and clearing out our warehouse, orders placed starting on January 17th are final sale and not eligible for a return.

    The final day to initiate returns for orders placed prior to January 17th will be January 31st. After January 31st, we will no longer accept return requests.

    Q. Can I return or exchange a gift?
    No problem! To get started, click here! For an exchange, please contact us at with the order number or purchaser's name and we'll take care of you. If you'd like a return, the refund will go back to the original payment method, or we can issue you a gift card directly. 

    Q. Can I return underwear?
    Starting January 17, 2023 all underwear is final sale. No returns or refunds will be accepting on underwear styles.

    For orders placed prior to January 17, 2023, our underwear return policy is below:

    If you don't love your first pair of underwear for any reason within the first 40 days of purchase, we'll issue a full refund. Our underwear have a tamper-proof seal on the boxes. If you order multiple pairs, please just try on one pair to check the fit. We'll refund you for that first pair as a courtesy, but we cannot accept returns on undergarments with broken seals, and sending in worn underwear will cause the rest of your return (if there are other products) to potentially not be accepted.


    Gift Cards

    Q. I have an unused gift card. Now that you're closing the shop, when do I need to use it by?
    For any folks that have unused gift cards or a gift card balance, we encourage you to use it right away because our inventory is limited. Gift cards will continue to be accepted until the online shop is no longer live.


    Sizing + Care

    Q. What is your sizing like?
    Our shirts have an athletic/slimmer cut to them. Each item has their own measurements, however, so please check out our size guides on each page. We've included pictures of our friends with different body types and sizes, plus measurements.

    Q. How do the shirts fit?
    We designed our clothes to fit broader in the shoulders and chest, while still trim through the torso and waist. 

    We recommend ordering outerwear like hoodies the same size as your shirts. While our sweatshirts are also an athletic-slim fit, we've designed them to perfectly fit over a layer. If you're in between sizes, we recommend sizing up for sweatshirts and hoodies. 

    You can also find another shirt that fits you well, take measurements, and compare to our size guide to ensure you order the correct size. 

    If you're unsure, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction.

    Q. How can I best care for my Pistol Lake gear?
    Everything we make is pre-shrunk by garment washing/dyeing. You don't need to worry about your shirts shrinking up on you after washing.

    We recommend washing cool and drying on low heat. Air drying is best as heat deteriorates all fabrics over time.

    Here are some specific recommendations for each of our fabrics:

    Eudae: We recommend machine washing normally in cool water, and air drying if possible. If you need to tumble dry, do it on low as heat deteriorates all fabrics over time. You won't need to worry about shrinkage on your Eudae shirts either.

    Organic Cotton: Our organic cotton shirts are all pre-shrunk by garment washing/dyeing. You don't need to worry about your shirts shrinking up on you after washing. We recommend washing cool and drying on low heat. Air drying is best (but not always practical), as heat deteriorates all fabrics over time.

    French Terry: We pre-shrink our French terry garments by garment washing/dyeing. That said, you might see a little shrinkage in the length (~1” in the body and sleeves), with our French Terry styles if you put them in the dryer. If you want to avoid any shrinkage with your French Terry, we recommend washing cold and air drying.

    Q. Should I size up or down when between sizes?
    If you're in between sizes, we generally recommend sizing up for best results.

    If you prefer a very slim fitting shirt, or are very slender, you can may want to size down. 



    Q. Where do you ship?
    We ship everywhere. Internationally, domestic, outer space. We offer free shipping for all U.S. orders over $150.

    If you want to know how much it'll cost, simply walk through our checkout process and it'll calculate it on the next page. Don't worry, you won't be charged for anything.

    Q. Are there international fees?
    Any order shipped to a destination outside of the United States may be subject to import taxes or duties. As the recipient, you are the importer and must comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

    Exact import taxes and duties vary, depending on the destination country. Each country has it's own rules/costs of importing goods, that money does not go to Pistol Lake - and unfortunately, there's nothing we can do to get foreign governments to lessen or waive these fees. 

    We only charge the merchandise and shipping charges to your credit card. Import taxes and duties are collected by the international carrier upon delivery. 

    Should you decide to not pay your country's import fees, they will ultimately destroy the product and not return it to us. We are happy to take international returns, but we do not issue refunds should you decline to pay the import taxes and the product gets destroyed. (We don't get the product back to re-sell, so we'd be just out that $ otherwise.) 



    Q. I bought a shirt and now it is on sale, can I get the difference back?
    In the past, we offered price-matching on orders placed within a few days of the start of a sale, but unfortunately the costs of offering this just aren’t sustainable for our small company.

    Ultimately, it burned up too much time and resources on the backend fielding emails and processing discounts for a team of four guys. It prevented us from doing more small/fun sales for our loyal customers and offering special deals more often.

    We truly appreciate all your support, and we hope the line we’ve worked so hard on continues to be a great value without a sale.



    Q. I have Pistol Lake clothes up for sale on Reloaded. How will I be paid for my sales?
    Our pre-owned gear resale site, Reloaded, will continue to be live to buy and sell until February 28th. However, we no longer will offer store credit to sellers. You will be paid in cash for all sales.



    Q. The shirt I want isn't on the site, do you have more?
    Our site reflects our most current inventory. Unfortunately, we can’t keep every color in stock for every size in every style, so if it's not listed there, we don’t have it.

    If you’re set on a color, jump on our email list. We announce short runs as we do them and you can pick one up then.



    Q. If I place a preorder, will you send the rest of my gear now?
    Preordered styles are made-to-order, so we don't start production until the preorder sale is finished. We'll give you a date we expect to ship on the product page.

    Once it's off the sewing lines, we'll ship it out you along with any other items included in your order.

    If you want any other in-stock item you're ordering shipped sooner, please place a separate order. 



    Q. What is the fabric content of Eudae?
    Eudae is a blend of 76% polyester, 19% Tencel, 5% Spandex. Eudae is naturally anti-microbial and fights odors. When you do wash, you can machine wash normally in warm water.

    Your Eudae shirt will air dry completely in 20 minutes, so no need to wait around for the dryer to finish and perfect for hand washing while traveling.

    Q. How is Eudae different than merino wool?

    Eudae has similar performance characteristics to merino wool, but is superior for a few reasons.

    Firstly, the Eudae is much softer and more comfortable than any merino shirt out there. It's never itchy, and it'll probably be the most comfortable tee you've ever worn. Eudae also has a more natural look compared to merino; many merino tees look technical.

    Eudae's quick-drying and sweat-wicking ability is comparable to merino. Merino probably just edges out Eudae in odor fighting, but not by much. Odor control with Eudae tees is definitely superior to other synthetic tees- you should be able to get a few sweaty wears without odor before you need to wash.

    Eudae is completely Vegan and it's made from recycled bottles and the pulp of Eucalyptus trees, so no animals are involved in the process in any way, so anyone can wear it.