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    What We Stand For

    Apparel manufacturing is responsible for the most wide scale destruction the world has ever seen.

    We’re poisoning our planet to fill landfills and too many people die for things we don’t need.

    We intend to change this. If you ever have questions or comments, don't hesitate to email, we're always happy to listen and improve.

    Ethical Manufacturing

    We hand-sew and dye our designs and knit our fabric around Los Angeles. We take great pride in knowing everyone that works with us, ensuring they are treated and compensated fairly. There is no other way to manufacture ethically.


    Our primary fabric, Eudae, is made from recycled bottles and the pulp of Eucalyptus trees.

    We’re committed to knitting our fabrics as sustainably as possible, and prefer recycled materials. When that isn’t possible, we prefer to use organically-grown fibers.


    What we put on in the morning should give us options, not barriers, and be ready for any adventure.

    We think that one exceptionally well-designed, high-performance shirt can serve as our daily uniform, removing the need to tailor what we wear to what our day entails.