• Minimalist Performance Tee
  • Minimalist Performance Tee

Minimalist Performance Tee


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Heather Gray
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We've been obsessed with the concept of a mythical Tee Shirt 2.0 since we started Pistol Lake. A go anywhere, do anything tee shirt. One that outperformed major athletic and hiking companies technical tees -- that gave us options, not limitations.

We spent two years developing the Holy Grail of fabrics -- and it's called Eudae. The FIRST performance fabric that you can cross continents in, but doesn't look out of place at a bar or the office.

Our hit list of must-haves:

  • Doesn't make you look like a Power Ranger or feel plastic-y
  • Doesn't have obnoxious branding
  • Is lightweight + breathable
  • Dries insanely fast
  • Doesn't feel soggy when wet
  • Doesn't smell

... and we did it. A couple of these bad boys will allow you to give away every tee in your closet. 

Most comfortable tee known to man

Tiny nanofibrils from the fibers of the Eucalyptus tree pulp make the fabric feel soft and smooth like silk, and yet sturdy enough for any adventure.

Less sweat

Eudae wicks sweat away, dries insanely quickly, and is super breathable, so you're comfortable in any climate

No smell

The Eucalyptus tree fibers inhibit bacterial growth and therefore odor, but it is machine washable with normal settings and won't shrink.

About Eudae

Eudae is a yarn we created by combining polyester made from recycled bottles with Tencel, a closed-loop process made from the pulp of sustainbly-grown Eucalyptus trees. Thread woven from these strands is incredibly strong and stain resistant.

Size Guide (your measurements)

Chest 32-35" 35-38" 38-41" 41-43" 43-46"
Arm Length 31-32" 32-33" 33-34" 34-35" 35-36"

T-Shirt Measurements

Chest 36.5" 38.5" 40.5" 42.5" 44.5"
Body Length 25⅝" 26⅝" 27⅝" 28⅝" 29⅝"
Arm Length 8" 8¼" 8½" 8¾" 9"
Crew Neck Measurements

How to Measure

Make sure your garment is laying flat.
Chest Measure 1" down from armpits, straight across the chest. Multiply by 2.
Body Length Start at edge of neck line where it meets shoulder, measure straight down to bottom of shirt.
Arm Length Start at shoulder seam where it meets sleeve, measure to the end of sleeve.

Still need help with sizing? Email us.