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    News — Eudae

    Introducing Two New Minimalist Baseball Tee Colors: Heather Pacific Fog + Heather Brick

    Pistol Lake Minimalist Tee

    Despite our crucial need to stay inside, the seasons are still changing and, in most places, the springtime has surely arrived.

    If you’re currently dreaming of future adventures and outdoor endeavors, we're excited to announce a couple of brand new colors in our Minimalist Baseball Tee. We've got Heather Pacific Fog and Heather Brick all stocked as short-runs in the shop.

    Flaunting a two-tone color scheme on Eudae-derived three-quarter sleeves, our Minimalist Baseball Tee is built for anything your days throw at you, even if that continues to be very little.

    These threads are a performance-ready version of vintage athletic apparel – one that also boasts an uncanny ability to be ultra-comfy, dry super fast, and stay wrinkle-free. Whatever your current case may be – adventures, pajamas, work from home gear, the possibilities are truly endless – our Minimalist Baseball Tee is the perfect fit.

    New Minimalist Pocket Tee Colors

    Pistol Lake Minimalist Pocket Tee

    This year, we’ve kept the creations coming.

    Now that we’re officially into March and spring is just around the corner, it might be time to start pulling those shorter-sleeved shirts out of the closet.

    If you’re finding your warmer-weather options to be lacking, don’t worry – Pistol Lake has got your back. Today, we’re releasing four new short-run colors in the Minimalist Pocket Tees! We’re introducing Heather Pacific Fog, Heather Hunter, Heather Gray, and Heather Brick.+ we stocked up on our core color favorites: Black and Navy.

    These tees are sewn from Eudae, our proprietary fabric, to give them all the same perks that our Minimalist Tees flash. From wrinkle-resistance to moisture-wicking and odor-fighting properties, we firmly believe that this is the perfect performance shirt. 

    Make no mistake, these threads are just as good for casual wear as they are athleisure. Plus, they've got a pocket that’ll add some serious style to your look.

    The One-Bag Polo

    Pistol Lake One-Bag Polo

    After years of iteration and testing to get this one just right, it’s finally here.

    Drumroll, please...

    At long last, we’re proud to introduce the One-Bag Polo.

    Yes, you’ve read that correctly.

    We took all the things that you love about our best-selling One-Bag Henley – like its moisture-wicking, quick-drying, anti-microbial, anti-wrinkle, and ultra-soft properties – and put them in our latest creation.

    Born out of recycled water bottles and Eucalyptus, Eudae not only ensures environmental consciousness, but it allows us to create an incredibly comfortable and versatile piece of clothing too. We’ve given it a minimalist twist by relieving it of buttons and using a light collar fusing that stands up well without looking stiff or rippled.

    Today, the pre-sale arrives in three new colors: Navy, Burgundy, and Hunter.

    Perfect in the office, at a date, or on-the-fly, the One-Bag Polo is a big step for our company – so be sure to grab one today!

    If we match our manufacturing threshold, these polos will be delivered in mid-May. Our goals always strive to minimize waste, so, on this first go-around, we won’t make more than we need to. If the threshold isn’t met by late April, we will return your money. Waste not, want not.

    Take less, do more.
    – Pistol Lake

    Introducing... The Lightweight Minimalist Henley

    Pistol Lake Lightweight Minimalist Henley

    2020 has been a year of creation so far – and down in our lab, we recently revamped one of our most popular sellers ever: The Lightweight Minimalist Henley. Available for pre-sale in Black, Heather Gray, Navy, and new Army.

    Our Lightweight Minimalist Henley is the be-all and end-all of shirts. Sporting plenty of antimicrobial agents, they possess odor-resistance for those long hikes and even steeper slopes, plus ultra-breathability and quick-drying abilities for your extra sweaty adventures. Best of all, they won’t look out of place when you meet up for drinks afterward!

    Take Less. Do more.

    We Put A Mountain On It: The Minimalist Logo Tee

    Pistol Lake Minimalist Logo Tee

    A few months back, we hit our subreddit and Insta to ask for your thoughts on a Minimalist Logo Tee. 

    As a result, you directly inspired the design of our latest product – now available in Black and Army.

    The Pistol Lake logo is screen printed on the chest for a classic – but subtle – look. Or, in other words, it'll gladly serve as some daily inspiration for that epic adventure you've been putting off.

    This is our first time trying these out and we only made a small amount, so be sure to pick one up while we've got 'em.