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    News — Sweatshirt

    Locked + (Re)Loaded: Minimalist Pullover Hoodies

    Pistol Lake Minimalist Pullover Hoodie

    We’re rolling on with more comfy restocks and busting out one of our most revered pieces – this time, it’s the Minimalist Pullover Hoodie.

    For the first time since last summer, this well-loved staple is back and ready to go. Our hoodie flaunts an ultra-functional cell phone pocket and a sleek minimalist design that provides quick-drying qualities. 

    Prepared for every occasion, this is the ultimate hoodie. 

    We’ve gained tons of rewarding feedback on it too – from things like: “It’s the most versatile hoodie I own,” or how “this is a perfect fall + spring hoodie.” But, really, we believe this piece speaks for itself. 

    Perfect for that morning bike ride to work, during weekend excursions, and any on-the-go or stay-at-home situations, the Minimalist Pullover Hoodie crushes every obstacle in its path.

    Wear ‘em for days at a time and you’ll see just what you’re missing – hit the shop and snag one today.

    WFH Squads: Minimalist Crew Neck Sweatshirt Alert

    Pistol Lake Minimalist Crew Neck Sweatshirt

    Everybody is bunkered down right now – trust us, we are too – so in classic Pistol Lake fashion, we’d like to keep looking on the bright side of things. To push that sentiment along, we're re-releasing our gear that falls on the comfier side of the wardrobe. Earlier this week, we hit you up about a restock of our French Terry Joggers. Now, we're topping it off (quite literally) with our Minimalist Crew Neck Sweatshirt.

    From the beginning, the Crew Neck Sweatshirt was crafted with versatility at the forefront of our minds. The stylish and sleek design maintains the perfect minimalist look, while staying light enough to wear at any time or on any occasion – even if most of those happen to be at home right now.

    Born out of Eclon – 46% Nylon, 42% Polyester, and 12% Spandex – and now available with short-run contrast stitching, these bad boys have quick-drying, odor-resisting, and wrinkle-fighting performance abilities to boot. 

    Which, ahem, basically means that you have permission to wear it a ton of times without washing – thus making them an absolute work-from-home dream. Snag one as a treat for yourself or as a thoughtful gift to someone else who is in need of an at-home pick-me-up.

    Restocked: The Lightweight Zip Hoodie

    Pistol Lake Lightweight Zip Hoodie

    It's been a little while, but our Lightweight Zip Hoodie is in popular demand and ready to re-introduce itself.

    The Lightweight Zip Hoodie is an undeniably versatile option, especially as those windy spring months finally start to arrive. Made from our sturdy and comfortable organic cotton, this Pistol Lake staple comes ready for any weather or occasion -- both as a stylish top or a warmer layer.

    Simply put, this hoodie is one of our timeless classics. Adored since the early days of PL, it’s making a long-awaited comeback to jumpstart your 2020.

    Grab them in Black, Charcoal, Burgundy, Clay, Quartermaster, and Faded Navy.

    Restocked: French Terry Pullover Hoodies

    Pistol Lake French Terry Pullover Hoodie

    Leading into the new year, we're dropping three short runs in our French Terry Pullover Hoodies: Burgundy, Alpine, and Mineral Blue.

    Plus, we got you covered with a restock on our core color favorites: Heather Grey and Black.

    Forged for the winter, our hoodies are made of heavyweight 100% French Terry Cotton. 

    More warmth, no shrinkage, and no losing its shape after washing hundreds of times, they're perfect for your winter wardrobe.