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    Update: Pistol Lake x Players For The Planet

    Update: Pistol Lake x Players For The Planet

    Finally, in a moment of some much-needed and long-overdue good news, we wanted to update you on our partnership with Players for the Planet. 

    As you may remember, Pistol Lake partnered with the non-profit and their wide-reaching effort to make a real difference. Players for the Planet, a team full of current and former MLBers, want to educate the world about single-use plastics, the problems they present, and how we must find more sustainable alternatives.

    Headed by Chris Dickerson, Players for the Planet have cleaned up beaches from the Dominican Republic to right here at home in Los Angeles. It’s grueling and thankless work, but these professionals realized that they had the power to influence positive change.

    From picking up trash – including water bottles that we could then use in our Eudae-related productions – to teaching communities how to recycle better and conserve their environment, there’s no doubt that they’ve changed countless lives already.

    If that sounds oddly similar to some of our overarching goals at Pistol Lake, you’d be right. 

    When Players for the Planet headed to the Dominican Republic earlier this year to clean up two beaches, we wanted to pitch in somehow. Alongside eight current professional Major League Baseball players including Nelson Cruz and Amed Rosario, the island’s Ministry of Environment, and 75 volunteers, we provided Pistol Lake gear for the clean-up effort.

    Worn for multiple days on the hot sands of Montesinos and Fort San Gil, our Minimalist Tees stood up to the difficult conditions and wicked away sweat as their team tirelessly worked. In the end, Players for the Planet removed 416 pounds of debris, 300 of which was plastic. 

    If you’re interested in learning more, head to Players for the Planet to get involved, donate or read about their incredible efforts. We’re so proud to partner with Chris’ excellent team and we can’t wait to see what comes next! 

    Happy Earth Day from the entire Pistol Lake team,
    (Ryan, Will, Andrew, Mike, Ben, and Ian)