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    We’re closing Pistol Lake - thank you for your support

    Dear customers,

    We are writing this with a heavy heart: Pistol Lake will be shutting down for good. The decision didn’t come easily, but after many months of deliberation, we’ve decided that it is the right course of action.

    The shop will stay open for a couple months but inventory is limited. There won’t be any future restocks.

    Orders are final sale only; we won’t be accepting returns for any new orders starting today. The final day to initiate returns for orders placed prior to today will be January 31st.

    We want to say thank you to each and every one of you for supporting us, providing feedback, chatting with us at our warehouse sales, and passing on the good word to friends. You’ve each been a part of our Pistol Lake family and mission and made it all possible – we can’t thank you all enough! It’s been incredibly rewarding building Pistol Lake with you cheering us on over the past decade.

    We started Pistol Lake in 2012 with the intention of creating exceptional men’s apparel ethically here in Los Angeles. Up to this very day, we’ve proudly produced all of our styles locally. We’ve made sure everyone involved in making our products is treated with dignity and offered fair wages. We feel immense pride in staying true to the values that Pistol Lake was built upon.

    In spite of the joy we’ve found in growing a small brand here in Los Angeles, it has come with many ups and downs. This past year presented new challenges that have been difficult to navigate as a very small business. Despite a lot of hard work and sacrifices from some really passionate people, we haven’t been able to build a profitable or sustainable business.

    A few more logistics:

    For any folks that have unused gift cards or a gift card balance, we encourage you to use it right away. Gift cards will continue to be accepted until the online shop is no longer live.

    Our pre-owned gear resale site, Reloaded, will continue to be live to buy and sell until February 28th. However, we no longer will offer store credit to sellers. You will be paid in cash for all sales.

    Thank you for all of your support on this journey – we couldn’t have made it to this point without you.

    Our deepest gratitude,

    The Pistol Lake Team
    Ryan, Andrew, and William

    The Future of Midweight Eudae is here

    One-Bag Henley - Pistol Lake

    It’s here. The future of Midweight Eudae has arrived.

    After months of tweaking and testing, our V2 One-Bag Henley is ready to hit the trails, slopes, and anywhere your next adventure goes.

    We’re launching this era in CharcoalNavyBurgundyHunter, and Heather Gray colorways – and this new iteration boasts a fresh yarn formulation for increased durability and an aversion to pilling.

    Rest assured, nothing else has changed and Midweight Eudae is still odor-resistant, sweat-wicking, and buttery soft to the touch. 

    To distinguish the old from the new, all V2 shirts will now read FORMULA 02.22.01 on the backside of the hem tag.

    Our small team has always strived to create bigger and better things right here in the United States, so we’re excited to share this crucial step in the process. 

    But if sleeves aren’t your jam - our V2 One-Bag Tee blasts off on Thursday!

    Restocked: Lightweight Minimalist Henleys

    Lightweight Minimalist Henley

    It may be snowy, but that's no reason to slack on the style! 

    Whether you need a warm base layer while skiing or a snazzy fit for dinner with the in-laws, you can't go wrong with the Lightweight Minimalist Henley. 

    Grab one in BlackHeather GrayArmyNavy, or Heather Lake and add a jack-of-all-trades to your collection. With four-way stretch and a three-button placket, this is our modern spin on classic long sleeve attire – and it's a total hit.

    Just as good for bombing down mountains as it is on anniversary dates, this sweat-wicking and quick-drying staple is just the shirt your wardrobe needs right now.

    Pricing Updates Coming 1/25

    Pistol Lake Pricing Updates

    No doubt you're seeing costs on lots of goods/services increasing these days – and while this message is also about price increases, we think it's a good time to reflect… not only about the why behind our increases, but also the why behind Pistol Lake and what we value.

    In short, costs to cut/sew our clothes in Los Angeles have gone up. It already costs a lot to manufacture clothing in the USA. But to do it with the high-quality cut/sew team that we currently work with – AND pay better wages than average – costs even more.

    We want to continue doing things the right way, spending our money close to home, and treating people fairly. More than anything, we always want the work we do, and how we treat those we work with, to reflect our values of doing better.

    Additionally, costs of raw materials have increased across the board as well. We use high-quality fabrics mostly made in LA so we can ensure that you’re getting the best possible product. That means no guessing from across seas/continents – only fabrics that we can touch and inspect in-person to make sure it meets our high standards.

    So, we wanted to give you the alert that we’re increasing our prices on Tuesday, Jan 25th. The average increase across the site is a bit less than 10% – with some items not changing at all – and a few products more than that.

    Additionally, we wanted to give all you wonderful people the chance to snag gear at the current prices before the new changes go into effect. 

    If you have questions about anything feel free to leave them in the comments over on our subreddit and join the conversation.

    - Ryan Light, CEO

    Introducing: Pistol Lake: Reloaded

    Pistol Lake: Reloaded

    We won’t bury the lede for once: today, we’re launching an official site where you can buy and sell used Pistol Lake gear from each other in return for cash or store credit to our shop. You’ll also find some gear directly from us that is discontinued, slightly off-spec, or something that was used for an hour in a photoshoot at a solid discount… basically, this is an online version of the LA pop-up warehouse sales we used to run pre-COVID. (Remember those days? Me neither.)

    Ultimately, we did this for a number of reasons, but a brand we admire recently asked the question: “are we willing to recognize that our consumer behavior and buying habits are at the root of many problems we face today?”

    Trying to do better – and even just firing up that conversation – is the main reason we started Pistol Lake in 2012. Not only to make the most versatile and comfortable clothing ever, but to challenge the way that we consume things. Too often, consumer companies are driven by market forces to make cheap items with a focus only on the top and bottom lines. Of course, everyone in between gets squeezed during the process.

    While that trend has changed over the last few years, consumers are now told that they can have their cake and eat it too. That ‘new product’ might be better for the environment, but it can also be packaged by underpaid labor, flown around the world by jet, and then driven to their front door.

    Before your sanctimony meter goes to 11, the Pistol Lake brand doesn't always live up to the lofty values mentioned above. Since the pandemic started, for example, we were forced to use a shipping warehouse in Delaware, as you’ve surely noticed on your packages and return slips – which is far from our usual standard of close manufacturing and warehousing to cut down on emissions (we're working on a solution here for early 2022).

    As individuals, the six of us are just as guilty as other consumers as well. We don't always live up to our aspirations to consume less. We fall in love with new consumer products from cool brands that are making the latest and greatest such-and-such. And really, who doesn’t sometimes?

    But in pouring our blood, sweat, and tears into this business, we have learned this: consumer dollars are our votes on how companies act. When we buy things, some of those companies will treat their employees and contractors better than others. Some will make decisions that affect the environment in more negative ways than others.

    Our goal is always to put money in the hands of those who will be good stewards of their employees and the environment (in addition to taking care of their bottom lines, naturally).

    So, back to today. We're excited to announce another tangible step towards lessening OUR impact. Pistol Lake is opening up a resale site called Reloaded, where you can easily sell your used gear. Too often, clothing we don't wear anymore ends up in landfills, even if it makes a first stop at a Goodwill or shelter.

    We put a lot of effort into diverting water bottles from ending up in landfills – now we’re trying to put an equal effort into keeping our gear outta there too.

    I’ll now get down off my high-horse and invite you to check out our latest project. Let us know what you think, but we hope it helps us take a bit less, and do a little more.