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    News — Shorts

    They're Baaaaaaaack: All-Around Shorts

    All-Around Shorts - Pistol Lake

    Finally, the day is here: All-Around Shorts are back in every size and color we've got.

    Since our super-successful Kickstarter two summers ago, these versatile threads have become one of Pistol Lake's most sought-after items.

    And for good reason...  All-Around Shorts are meant for, well, everything.

    The Fabulous Facts

    - Water-resistant
    - Four-way stretch
    - Cell phone snap pocket
    - Elastic waistband for comfort
    - Back welt pocket for a minimalist aesthetic
    - Double reinforced stitching

    Starting now, they're restocked in BlackCharcoalNavyGargoyleTan, and Olive

    With their no-sheen tailored look, you can go from hike to happy hour with breezy ease. We reduced some pesky pocket flares and tight waistbands, so these shorts are better than ever.

    You're Not Dreaming: Say Hello to Stretch Terry Shorts

    Stretch Terry Shorts - Gray

    In February, we launched the immaculately-comfortable Stretch Terry Joggers – today, we're back... with less.

    Less pants, that is. More quality products... but just with less fabric.

    Yeah, you're right, that worked better in our heads too.

    Like heaven on earth, our Stretch Terry Shorts are crazy soft and ready for all your greatest adventures. But should your sights be set on something a little more local, these lightweight shorts are perfect for curling up with a book or grilling on the deck too.

    If you're new to the neighborhood or just emerging from underneath a year-long pandemic rock – simply put, Stretch Terry is our softest fabric yet. 

    We've launched in Black, Gray, Charcoal, Navy, and Forest – all wrapped up in the same cut as our well-loved French Terry Sweat Shorts and finished off with a snap pocket for safe storage.

    For months, y'all have wondered when the French Terry Sweat Shorts would come back – and here's your official, on-the-record answer:

    We were building something even better.

    Pistol Lake's States of the Union 2020

    Pistol Lake 2020 Eudae

    Unless you've been living under a rock for the last few months, you know that a pretty important election is right around the corner. But all the talk about a big country-wide map and the colors they might turn in November got us wondering about our own.

    So, we dug into the data to figure out what Pistol Lake item is the most popular in each state – and the results were wild!


    Lightweight Eudae

    Minimalist Tee:
    California, Georgia, Missouri, Texas

    Minimalist Tank Top:

    Minimalist Short Sleeve Henley:
    Nebraska, Washington

    Lightweight Minimalist Henley:
    West Virginia

    Minimalist Baseball Tee:
    Louisiana, North Dakota

    Minimalist Raglan:
    Rhode Island

    Minimalist Boxer Briefs:
    Florida, Virginia

    Minimalist Trunk Briefs:
    New Mexico, Pennsylvania

    Minimalist Boxers:
    Arkansas, Nevada 



    Midweight Eudae

    One-Bag Polo:
    Alabama, Connecticut

    One-Bag Henley:
    Arizona, Massachusetts, Ohio

    One-Bag Tee:
    Kansas, Oregon


    Minimalist Pullover Hoodie:

    Minimalist Crew Neck Sweatshirt:

    Minimalist Joggers:


    Cotton Henley:
    Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Wisconsin

    Cotton Short Sleeve Henley:
    Kentucky, Oklahoma 

    Cotton Baseball Tee:
    Delaware, North Carolina

    Cotton Crew Tee:
    Utah, Idaho

    Lightweight Cotton Zip Hoodie:
    South Dakota

    French Terry

    French Terry Joggers:

    French Terry Pullover Hoodie:
    Alaska, Wyoming

    French Terry Crew Neck Sweatshirt:
    Michigan, Iowa

    French Terry Sweat Shorts:
    Mississippi, South Carolina

    Stretch Terry

    Stretch Terry Henley:


    All-Day Hemp Tee:

    All-Day Hemp Henley:

    All-Around Shorts

    All-Around Shorts:
    New Hampshire, Montana

    Phew! That's all 50! Where was your state? Were you surprised? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram – we'd love to hear from you!

    Pistol Lake Best Sellers: September 2020

    Pistol Lake One-Bag Zip Hoodie

    3… 2… 1… bzzzzz!

    If there’s one thing we’ve learned since hopping on the Naomi Osaka bandwagon, registering to vote, and learning how to dominate socially-distanced Zoom games from afar – we all love a winner.

    So we’re counting down the Pistol Lake champions of September 2020…but are you late to the party or leading the charge?

    1. Minimalist Tee
    Ah, our classic fit – right where it belongs at No. 1. No matter the season, weather, or occasion, the Minimalist Tee has you covered. Available in Black, Heather Gray, Navy, Army, Wine, Rosebud, Pacific Fog, and Light Heather Gray.

    2. All-Around Shorts
    Over a year ago, we launched our massively-successful Kickstarter campaign for these bad boys. Nowadays, you can find the new and improved V2 in Black, Charcoal, Navy, Gargoyle, Tan, and Olive.

    3. One-Bag Henley
    Just in time for the cooler months, our One-Bag Henley is campfire-ready – grab one in Black, Heather Gray, Navy, Charcoal, Burgundy, and Hunter.

    4. Minimalist Trunks
    These lovely undies are the perfect cherry on top of your Eudae sundae – or an excellent stocking stuffer if you’re a forward-thinking holiday shopper.

    Pistol Lake Minimalist Baseball Tee

    5. Minimalist Short Sleeve Henley
    Our long-time staple Minimalist Short Sleeve Henley saw a restock in four exciting shades – check these bad boys out!

    6. One-Bag Zip Hoodie
    The hype for our future hoodie is already off the charts! Snag one during the pre-sale and automatically save 10% – reserve your favorite color now.

    7. Minimalist Joggers
    Last year, we could barely keep these stocked up during the holiday season. Grab yours in the slick Charcoal while you still can.

    8. Cotton Henley
    Although we love our Eudae, there’s nothing wrong with a classic cotton fit either – perfect for both WFH and hikes, so what’s not to love?

    9. Minimalist Baseball Tee

    Our Minimalist Baseball Tee is just in time for the postseason. Whether you’re matching your favorite team's colors or just trying to look good on that cute hayride date, we got you covered.

    10. Minimalist Boxer Briefs
    Listen, everybody needs underwear, that’s why it made the list twice! No matter how you style your downstairs region, there’s a heavenly-feeling option here for you. 

    And that's the list! Whether you've got a long-time favorite or a need for something brand new, Pistol Lake has got your back. 

    Happy Hunting! 

    Kickstarter Success Story: The All-Around Shorts

    Pistol Lake All-Around Shorts

    Last summer, Pistol Lake spun up a Kickstarter to fund the creation of our new product, the All-Around Shorts. Needless to say, the campaign was a massive success and raised 3x the amount we originally aimed for – and, recently, they started shipping out to our backers.

    Well, you might be thinking, that’s cool, but did I miss my chance to grab a pair? Never fear, my friends.

    After the dust settled, we had a handful of extras left in each size and color – even better, as of this very second, they’re live on the website.

    Given their water-resistance and durable four-way stretch, the All-Around Shorts are the most versatile pair you’ll ever own. Whether you’re sneaking in a quick workout or hanging by the fire, our newest invention is ready for whatever the day throws at you. Now available in Black, Charcoal, Navy, Gargoyle, Tan, and Olive.