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    News — Cotton

    Cotton Short Sleeve Henleys For Summertime

    Cotton Short Sleeve Henleys For Summertime

    Finally, summertime is in full-swing and your wardrobe could use a quick refresher. The sun might be getting hotter, but we’ve got even better news:

    Our Cotton Short Sleeve Henleys are back! These classics are perfect for lounging, taking those ubiquitous WFH video conferences, or even, dare we say, venturing out in the sun. They're now stocked up in core colors: Faded NavyClay, and Relic White.

    Created with comfort at the forefront, the Cotton Short Sleeve Henley is garment-dyed and constructed with pre-shrunk, soft, 100% organic cotton for anti-baconing collars. It has a tight knit for minimal drape and maximum longevity. 

    Take less. Do more.

    Cotton Henley Restock 2.0

    Cotton Henley Restock 2.0

    Last week, Pistol Lake stocked up the shop with a few Cotton Henley core color options in Black, Charcoal, and Relic White. Next up, however, we wanted to throw a little color back in your life.

    Cotton Henleys are stocked in three additional options - Burgundy, Faded Navy, and Clay.

    The Cotton Henley is an absolute classic at Pistol Lake and often one of the first products that newcomers try on for size. Made from 100% organic cotton, the Cotton Henley is pre-shrunk and crafted with anti-baconing collars, so you can keep this baby around for years to come.

    Don’t forget: If you buy any of our French Terry products, you’ll get 20%-off on any henley or tee. If you’ve waited on perfecting that WFH outfit, now is the perfect time to act.

    Short Sleeve Henleys + Inspired Pairings

    Pistol Lake Cotton Short Sleeve Henley

    As things begin to (cautiously) open up around the world, we’re here to provide some much-needed summertime gear.

    That’s right! This week, our Cotton Short Sleeve Henleys are knockin’ at your door – from six feet away, of course.

    These Henleys were given sleek sleeve hems, unique raglan seams, and a three-button placket. Or, in other words, all the perks and vintage look of our long-armed cotton classic – just without the extra fabric.

    Made from 100% organic cotton, they’re restocked in the core colors of Black, Charcoal, and Burgundy

    Here’s how we’re planning to pair our outfits this summer – so, if you’re feeling inspired, hit the shop and grab one for yourself!

    Alert: A Cotton Henley Surprise!

    Pistol Lake Cotton Henley

    Surprise – our Cotton Henleys are officially stocked up in the core shades of Black, Charcoal, and Relic White! 

    The Cotton Henley is one of Pistol Lake’s first-ever creations and its successes paved the way for our future forays into Eudae. Like trading cards or vinyl records, we’ve even had a few people admit that they’re proud collectors and constantly hunt for the new Henleys in every color! 

    Sewn from 100% organic cotton, these threads are designed to provide long-lasting comfort -- even after putting it through your daily routines (and hopefully the washer) hundreds of times. 

    The best part? You can mix and match them with just about anything in your wardrobe. Or check out our favorite pairings below, selected by our very own team.

    New Cotton Henley Color: Atlantic

    Pistol Lake Cotton Henley

    To kick off the week, we’re introducing a completely new short-run color in our Cotton Henley - Atlantic.

    The Cotton Henley serves as a staple to the Pistol Lake brand and continues to be a fan-favorite due to its classic look and comfortable feel.

    Atlantic is a dark oceanic blue that has been pigment dyed for depth of color and a well-traveled seafaring-inspired look. Go set sail on that ocean blue or relax at your favorite bar after a day at the beach - Pistol Lake’s got you(r torso) covered.