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    News — Polo

    They're Here... The One-Bag Polo

    Pistol Lake One-Bag Polo

    A while back, we let you know about the pre-sale of our One-Bag Polo.

    But in order to actually release them, we wanted to reach a threshold that would guarantee Pistol Lake wasn’t creating unnecessary waste. 

    Today, we’re super stoked to announce that we beat our minimum requirement and realized how excited our community was for a shirt like this. Thus, we made the decision to sew some extras up for those that originally missed out.

    Now available in Navy, Burgundy, and Hunter, the time to shine has finally arrived.

    The One-Bag Polo inherited everything you love about the One-Bag Henley – like its ability to wick away moisture, dry quickly, and stay odor-resistant. But we couldn’t just duplicate any run-of-the-mill Polo, however, so we gave it our own minimalist touch. 

    Relieved of buttons and fashioned with a light collar fusing, this shirt will always stand up without looking stiff or rippled. Not to mention, of course, the One-Bag Polo is crafted from Eudae, our ultra-soft proprietary fabric that often becomes a favorite of anyone who touches it. 

    Snag a polo, grab some sun, and stay safe,
    Pistol Lake

    The One-Bag Polo

    Pistol Lake One-Bag Polo

    After years of iteration and testing to get this one just right, it’s finally here.

    Drumroll, please...

    At long last, we’re proud to introduce the One-Bag Polo.

    Yes, you’ve read that correctly.

    We took all the things that you love about our best-selling One-Bag Henley – like its moisture-wicking, quick-drying, anti-microbial, anti-wrinkle, and ultra-soft properties – and put them in our latest creation.

    Born out of recycled water bottles and Eucalyptus, Eudae not only ensures environmental consciousness, but it allows us to create an incredibly comfortable and versatile piece of clothing too. We’ve given it a minimalist twist by relieving it of buttons and using a light collar fusing that stands up well without looking stiff or rippled.

    Today, the pre-sale arrives in three new colors: Navy, Burgundy, and Hunter.

    Perfect in the office, at a date, or on-the-fly, the One-Bag Polo is a big step for our company – so be sure to grab one today!

    If we match our manufacturing threshold, these polos will be delivered in mid-May. Our goals always strive to minimize waste, so, on this first go-around, we won’t make more than we need to. If the threshold isn’t met by late April, we will return your money. Waste not, want not.

    Take less, do more.
    – Pistol Lake