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    News — Eudae

    Grab Some Sunshine: Minimalist Raglans in Pacific Fog

    Grab Some Sunshine: Minimalist Raglans in Pacific Fog

    It's been a run of new Pacific Fog editions lately – and, yes, we really do miss the sunshine and summertime that much. First, we launched it as a One-Bag Henley, quickly followed by more Minimalist Boxers and One-Bag Tees in the light blue shade too.

    Today, that colorway family expands again with our long-awaited Minimalist Raglan in Pacific Fog. Whether you live near the foggy, Pacific Ocean-inspired location or just dream of the brighter, adventure-laden days ahead, this launch is the answer!

    And, if that's not quite your style, all of our core colors – BlackNavyHeather Gray, and Army – arrived last week. 

    Super soft with anti-stink and sweat-wicking technology hand-sewn into every piece, our Raglans will keep you cozy whether you're on the slopes or snuggled on a couch.

    Minimalist Raglans are ready to rock

    Minimalist Raglan

    Unpredictable weather just keeps on rolling this winter – from power outages up in the Pacific Northwest to our friends in Texas even gettin' snowy.

    And although we're not certified meteorologists, we can see into the future... and yours will look a whole lot warmer with Pistol Lake.

    To fight off all sorts of inclement situations, we're bringing back Minimalist Raglans in our core colors of BlackNavyHeather Gray, and Army. These buttonless, simplified threads are perfect for layering under a shell of your choosing or just huddling up around a warm fireplace.

    Super soft with anti-stink and sweat-wicking technology hand-sewn into every piece, our multi-wear Raglans will keep you cozy and smelling fresh instead of slogging back and forth to the washing machine. 

    That's a win-win this February – so snag a few while they're in stock!

    Hope For Spring: One-Bag Polos Are Back

    One-Bag Polo

    Happy One-Year Anniversary to our One-Bag Polo!

    Launched nearly 365 days ago, it was a long-fulfilled and hinted destiny for one of our most-requested items. While a hopeful summer season is right around the corner, now is the best moment to load up.

    Today, we’re restocked in Black, Heather Gray, CharcoalNavy, and Burgundy.

    A solid member of the Midweight Eudae family, our One-Bag Polos are extremely versatile – no matter what situation you may find yourself in.

    Crafted from TENCEL™, recycled water bottles, and spandex, the One-Bag Polo is naturally antimicrobial/odor-resistant, crazy soft, quick-drying, sweat-wicking, and boasts four-way stretch, so it's ready for anything - from pandemic couch surfing to front yard distanced hangs to work Zoomin'.

    So if you're searching to perfect your sunny beach vibes before the snow even melts, we've got your answer.

    Spotlight: The Best-Selling Minimalist Tee

    Spotlight: The Best-Selling Minimalist Tee

    A new year is here and we're determined to make it better than the last... though that shouldn't be tough.

    In classic Pistol Lake fashion, we stocked up our Minimalist Tees in some of your favorite short-run options. We know warmer days aren't on the horizon for most of us, but that's what makes this shirt so special: the total, undeniable versatility.

    Throw it on under that sweatshirt, jacket, or hoodie that you shamelessly love to start 2021 with a new outlook and a fresh tee. 

    We've got them in stock in almost all of our heathered options like Heather Pacific Fog, Heather Brick, Heather Hunter, Light Heather Gray, plus the Pacific Fog short-run.

    Made from Eudae, these threads are in the business of making performance shirts comfier and more versatile than ever before. Our best-selling product of 2020 was crafted to alleviate the constant nuisance of changing clothes for every occasion – but what will you use it for?

    So, start the year off right and grab 'em while they're here – you won't regret it. 

    Take Less. Do More. Start Fresh.

    Pistol Lake's Biggest Winners of 2020

    Stretch Terry Hoodie Pistol Lake

    The ball has finally dropped on a challenging 2020 – but before we can change our calendars over to a new year, now is a good time for reflection. The last 12 months have brought Pistol Lake plenty of new experiments, restocks of our classics, and experiences that'll last us a lifetime.

    And while everybody here has their own personal catalog favorites, you do too! Just as they do it in Times Square, we're counting down our top ten best-selling products from 2020.

    1. Minimalist Tee

    Unsurprisingly, this reigns as our unanimous No. 1 champion in 2020.

    Eudae is the future, so, naturally, everybody could benefit from a few colorful, multitalented Minimalist Tees in their overnight bag. 

    We keep these staples restocked year-round and you can snag one today in Black, Heather Gray, Navy, Army, Heather Hunter, Heather Pacific Fog, Heather Brick, Light Heather Gray, and Pacific Fog.

    2. Cotton Henley

    Eudae might be our go-to, but there's nothing wrong with rocking a classic Cotton Henley either.

    Beyond our long-time slate of colors, we just launched three new short-run shades in KelpSapphire, and Agave.

    3. All Things Undies

    Since Thanksgiving, we've stocked up on all of our Minimalist Boxer BriefsMinimalist Boxers, and Minimalist Trunk Briefs in what feels like every possible shade – including Black, Pacific Fog, Navy, and more!

    It might be cheating to put all of our underwear in one spot, but we're making the rules here – so enjoy these pillows for your downstairs while they still last!

    4. One-Bag Henley

    But if you need your Eudae to feel a little heavier and thicker, then the One-Bag Henley is the perfect answer to those prayers. Grab our long-sleeved Eudae masterpiece in Black, Heather Gray, Navy, Charcoal, Burgundy, and Hunter.

    5. One-Bag Tee

    Joining the One-Bag Henley this year in all its midweight Eudae glory is our One-Bag Tee. We launched this flawless new addition during the sweatier days, but it's still rising up the leaderboards every month.

    These wonder threads are here in Black, Heather Gray, Navy, Burgundy, Hunter, Charcoal, and brand new short-run Pacific Fog! 

    6.  Minimalist Tank Top

    Another summertime creation cracks our top-ten and we've been so excited about this one! We experimented with long- and short-sleeved versions of gear for years – but there was one question we kept getting over and over: 

    Well, what if you cut all the sleeves off?

    And, thus, the Minimalist Tank Top was born. If you're preparing for a better year ahead, loading up on these tanks nice and early would be a savvy, forward-thinking idea.

    7. Minimalist Joggers

    the Minimalist Joggers because your life will feel much more comfortable with these bad boys on.

    (But, seriously, sleep in these – we promise that's a stellar idea.)

    8. Stretch Terry Henley

    Of all our 2020 arrivals, the Stretch Terry Henley might be our most comfortable. Made with a thicker weight hybrid TENCEL™️ and French Terry material, these are great for cool winter walks and evening jaunts on the beach.

    9. Minimalist Crew Neck Sweatshirt

    Needless to say, the Minimalist Crew Neck Sweatshirt is rapidly climbing the ladder right into our hearts! This Eclon thriller is a fan-favorite in the outerwear department and it's easy to see why. Stay warm, look classy – can you name a better duo?

    We'll wait.

    10. One-Bag Polo

    Simplified and stylish, the One-Bag Polo is our fashionable answer to bar crawls, bowling, and everything in between. Whether you need something fancier for a late-night first date or want to cruise the slopes in style, we wanted to create a collared shirt that was ready for anything.

    So bring it on, 2021 – we're ready for you! 

    Take Less. Do More. Happy New Year.
    - Pistol Lake