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    News — Long Sleeve

    Restock: Minimalist Baseball Tee

    Minimalist Baseball Tee Eudae Pistol Lake

    The days are getting shorter and nights are growing cooler, so the long-overdue restock of our Minimalist Baseball Tees are finally here.

    Just in time for the leaves to change color, we’ve brought back two of our favorite core colors in both Black and Army.

    Our Minimalist Baseball Tee is a performance-ready version of vintage athletic apparel – anywhere you need to go, it follows. Recognized as a summertime staple, we couldn't imagine a more simplistic and snazzy design than these Pistol Lake gems. 

    They're made of lightweight Eudae, so they're incredibly comfy, dry super fast, and stay conveniently wrinkle-free. From the campfire to the couch, it’s the perfect companion for whatever September brings your way.

    Ask + You Shall Receive: Minimalist Raglans

    Ask + You Shall Receive: Minimalist Raglans

    One year ago, we re-released our Minimalist Raglan as a pre-sale. They were so well-received that we even sold out of our extras as well.

    Now restocked in Black, Heather Gray, Army, and Navy, we’re making sure you’ll have these on your next grand adventure – even if it’s right nearby. 

    The Raglan is a core wardrobe piece at Pistol Lake and many of us here don’t leave the house without one. It incorporates all the perks of our Minimalist Tee, but with longer, cozier sleeves.

    And now more than ever, we urge you:

    Take Less. Do More.

    Cotton Henley Restock 2.0

    Cotton Henley Restock 2.0

    Last week, Pistol Lake stocked up the shop with a few Cotton Henley core color options in Black, Charcoal, and Relic White. Next up, however, we wanted to throw a little color back in your life.

    Cotton Henleys are stocked in three additional options - Burgundy, Faded Navy, and Clay.

    The Cotton Henley is an absolute classic at Pistol Lake and often one of the first products that newcomers try on for size. Made from 100% organic cotton, the Cotton Henley is pre-shrunk and crafted with anti-baconing collars, so you can keep this baby around for years to come.

    Don’t forget: If you buy any of our French Terry products, you’ll get 20%-off on any henley or tee. If you’ve waited on perfecting that WFH outfit, now is the perfect time to act.

    Alert: A Cotton Henley Surprise!

    Pistol Lake Cotton Henley

    Surprise – our Cotton Henleys are officially stocked up in the core shades of Black, Charcoal, and Relic White! 

    The Cotton Henley is one of Pistol Lake’s first-ever creations and its successes paved the way for our future forays into Eudae. Like trading cards or vinyl records, we’ve even had a few people admit that they’re proud collectors and constantly hunt for the new Henleys in every color! 

    Sewn from 100% organic cotton, these threads are designed to provide long-lasting comfort -- even after putting it through your daily routines (and hopefully the washer) hundreds of times. 

    The best part? You can mix and match them with just about anything in your wardrobe. Or check out our favorite pairings below, selected by our very own team.

    Minimalist Baseball Tees: Heather Hunter + Terracotta Join The Family

    Pistol Lake Minimalist Tee

    These days, tons of dudes are having the same issues. A. We like to keep it simple. B. We’re really, really missing sports and exercise. Thankfully, we can help with at least one of those. 

    Our Minimalist Baseball Tees are back and simplicity never has looked so good or felt so comfortable. In March, we brought a few fresh short-run colors to your attention because we know that these are a summertime staple in your closets. Well, we have even better news now...

    For the first time ever, we’re proud to introduce the Heather Hunter and Terracotta Minimalist Baseball Tee short-run colorways!

    This shirt practically screams performance and versatility. So if you’re planning your next adventure – or just want something to wear during that social-distancing group video chat that won’t make it look like you binge-watched the latest series on Netflix – you can always throw these on with ease.

    (We aren’t judging, we promise.)