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    Shine The Sun Where Sun Don't Shine: Minimalist Trunk Briefs = Restocked

    Minimalist Trunk Briefs Pistol Lake

    Feeling bunched up? Always sweaty and damp? Or maybe you’re just tired of getting betrayed by your current pairs of boxers. Either way, Pistol Lake has the answer to your prayers.

    Starting now, we’ve restocked our fan-favorite Minimalist Trunk Briefs in Black, Heather Gray, Army, and in a new color: Pacific Fog.

    Cut 1" shorter than our best selling Minimalist Boxer Briefs, our trunk briefs are sweat-wicking, odor-fighting, and so comfy they feel like wearing nothing at all.

    Shorts season may be fast-departing, but our boxers are forever. Check the product description for bundle discounts up to 20%.

    Just Like Clouds For Your Other Half: Minimalist Boxer Briefs

    Minimalist Boxer Briefs Pistol Lake

    Over the weekend, we stocked our shop with Minimalist Boxer Briefs in Black, Heather Gray, Pacific Fog, and the ever-classic short-run Army.

    Like clouds for your downstairs region, these threads are incredibly soft and boast top-notch breathability – obviously, we'll leave the importance of that unspoken.

    Given their one-of-a-kind design, it’s not surprising that many of y’all aspire to replace your entire drawer with these bad boys, so now is your golden opportunity. After a long, sweaty summer season, treat yourself to the gift that keeps on giving and get back out there!

    Hit the shop and swap in some fresh, stylish, and odor-resistant boxers – you'll thank us later.

    Take Less. Do More.

    Say Hello To Minimalist Boxers...

    Say Hello To Minimalist Boxers...

    When it comes to dealing with the downstairs region, we’ve had you covered up for quite some time. But our tighter Trunks and Boxer Briefs have caused many to beg the question: Are you guys ever going to create just Boxers?

    Starting today, we’re stoked to say the answer is yes! Introducing: Minimalist Boxers. Softer, comfier, and more relaxed than any of our other options. Plus – you guessed it – they’re made from Eudae. Their maximum breathability and four-way stretching allow for multiple wears before they start to smell. 

    (Not that we want you to rock dirty underwear, but if you’re going to... might we suggest ours?)

    They’re perfect – nay, created – to be the perfect pair of lounging undergarments for chilling around the house in.

    They’re officially launched in Black, Army, and Heather Gray. Be sure to bundle them and save on restocking that underwear drawer with our promo codes:

    Bundle to Save:
    4-pack code: 4BRIEFS (15% off)
    6-pack code: 6BRIEFS (17% off)
    10-pack code: 10BRIEFS (>20% off)

    Just add either 4, 6, or 10 Minimalist Boxers to your cart, punch in the corresponding code, and the discount is applied.

    Hit the shop and change the way you view boxers forever.

    Take Less. Do More.
    Pistol Lake.

    Adventure-Ready Minimalist Trunk Briefs: Restocked

    Adventure-Ready Minimalist Trunk Briefs: Restocked

    It's time to refresh that old underwear drawer with some Minimalist Trunk Briefs.

    These threads were crafted from our proprietary fabric Eudae, thus creating the comfiest boxers out there. As it fights off odor and actively wicks away sweat, it’s safe to say that the breathability here is unheard of. 

    With their four-way stretch and do-it-all compatibility, there’s no better time to snag a pair or two before the sun starts hitting harder.

    If you’ll be changing out boxers on the daily (or at least we hope), these bundles will help at an even better price! 

    Bundle to Save:
    4-pack code: 4BRIEFS (15% off)
    6-pack code: 6BRIEFS (17% off)
    10-pack code: 10BRIEFS (>20% off)

    Just add either 4, 6, or 10 Minimalist Trunk Briefs to your cart, punch in the corresponding code, and the discount is applied.

    Better, they’re back in Black, Heather Gray, and two of our favorite Short-run colors: Heather Pacific Fog and Rosebud.

    Stock up for your next adventure – you’ll thank us later

    Ready, Set, Go: Minimalist Boxer Briefs Now Back

    Pistol Lake Minimalist Boxer Briefs

    Get ready to restock your underwear drawer with our all-time best-seller Minimalist Boxer Briefs.

    Derived from Eudae, these are undoubtedly the comfiest undergarments out there. These briefs were crafted to fight odor and wick away sweat, so they breathe extremely well for workouts and keep you cozy for that long night's rest. 

    Arguably more important, these slick threads won’t ever ride up at an inconvenient time. Our Boxer Briefs have everything you love about the Minimalist Trunk Briefs, but come with a longer inseam and, unlike most boxers, they stretch as you move. 

    This, ultimately, provides the cloud-like comfort your bottom half deserves. 

    Better, they’re back in multiple options: BlackNavyArmy, and Wine.