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    Minimalist Tees: Back At It In Core Colors

    Minimalist Tee Pistol Lake

    Ever-so-quietly, we've filled the shop with our all-purpose Minimalist Tees.

    These are our go-anywhere, do-anything answer in your wardrobe and the go-to option for all of us at Pistol Lake. Truly, you can pair it with just about everything.

    Throw it under your Minimalist Hoodie, pair it with our Minimalist Joggers, or just throw it on with your Minimalist Boxer Briefs while working – or lounging, we aren't here to judge – at home.

    The Minimalist Tee is made from lightweight Eudae and was designed to be worn multiple times without needing a wash. So not only will these bad boys protect you from the elements – but from sweat and odor as well! Today, we refreshed our best-seller core colors: BlackHeather Grey, and latest addition Wine.

    Snag ‘em now and make your WFH comfier, and your dreams of summertime adventures feel that much closer.

    Locked + (Re)Loaded: Minimalist Pullover Hoodies

    Pistol Lake Minimalist Pullover Hoodie

    We’re rolling on with more comfy restocks and busting out one of our most revered pieces – this time, it’s the Minimalist Pullover Hoodie.

    For the first time since last summer, this well-loved staple is back and ready to go. Our hoodie flaunts an ultra-functional cell phone pocket and a sleek minimalist design that provides quick-drying qualities. 

    Prepared for every occasion, this is the ultimate hoodie. 

    We’ve gained tons of rewarding feedback on it too – from things like: “It’s the most versatile hoodie I own,” or how “this is a perfect fall + spring hoodie.” But, really, we believe this piece speaks for itself. 

    Perfect for that morning bike ride to work, during weekend excursions, and any on-the-go or stay-at-home situations, the Minimalist Pullover Hoodie crushes every obstacle in its path.

    Wear ‘em for days at a time and you’ll see just what you’re missing – hit the shop and snag one today.

    Introducing Two New Minimalist Baseball Tee Colors: Heather Pacific Fog + Heather Brick

    Pistol Lake Minimalist Tee

    Despite our crucial need to stay inside, the seasons are still changing and, in most places, the springtime has surely arrived.

    If you’re currently dreaming of future adventures and outdoor endeavors, we're excited to announce a couple of brand new colors in our Minimalist Baseball Tee. We've got Heather Pacific Fog and Heather Brick all stocked as short-runs in the shop.

    Flaunting a two-tone color scheme on Eudae-derived three-quarter sleeves, our Minimalist Baseball Tee is built for anything your days throw at you, even if that continues to be very little.

    These threads are a performance-ready version of vintage athletic apparel – one that also boasts an uncanny ability to be ultra-comfy, dry super fast, and stay wrinkle-free. Whatever your current case may be – adventures, pajamas, work from home gear, the possibilities are truly endless – our Minimalist Baseball Tee is the perfect fit.

    COVID-19 Update #2: Switching Things Up

    Pistol Lake Masks

    Hi again,

    First and foremost, we wanna thank all ya’ll for your overwhelming support over the last several days. We asked and you guys delivered with HUGE support which has helped us shore up to keep our employees working and happy. Your amazing support means that we will not need to furlough anyone during these crazy times. We can't tell you how much that means to us.

    Second, speaking of our amazing employees, their ingenuity sparked our decision to temporarily stop sewing our line, and start making masks to help our healthcare workers. When the workers at the factory were unable to purchase masks for their own safety, they sewed their own. We've been reading stories about healthcare workers being asked to bring in truck-stop bandanas to protect themselves or re-using masks for weeks at a time – and we wanted to help.

    Long (crazy) story short, we were able to reach out to our network to get connected to the right folks and we're making masks for hospitals/urgent care and field workers (wholesale only, not selling to the general public). This is a win-win as we see it. We get to help the medical workers on the frontlines while keeping our factory workers paid during tough times. We will share more details about this in the coming days/weeks and may have some questions for you here.

    To be clear: ALL preorders that we’ve taken are going to be fulfilled. And the stuff we have already in production is going to finish and release to you guys. But you’re gonna see a drop off in new releases from us for the next month or two as we spool up mask production. We truly believe in our value: “Take less, do more.” To us, that means doing what we can in this mess while balancing the need to pay our people.

    Third, as you’re very aware, information and things are moving at a crazy pace. Our warehouse remains open for the time being and we’re still having employees follow social distancing and sanitizing protocols. This is still subject to change so we’ll keep you updated as we get information.

    Finally, we just want to say thank you so much! It’s incredible the outpouring of support we’ve received from you guys. If you have any questions or want to help us with any of the above, or just offer advice, drop us a line -

    -Ryan and the PL Team

    Message From The CEO: Stay Safe + Sale!

    Pistol Lake Sale

    First and foremost, the entire Pistol Lake team hopes you and your loved ones are safe and healthy – these are crazy times we’re living in right now, historic even.

    I’m writing this to ask you for your help.

    Our shipping facility is safely and legally operating for the time being. In the event of any closure, above all else, we want to take care of our employees on the front lines. That means making every effort to keep cash flows to ensure they are paid in full, healthy, and happy during these tough times.

    So, if you had your eye on something from our shop for a while – we'd really appreciate your support now. Especially while you're working from home.

    We’ve also added gift cards to the site if you wanted to support us in that way.

    We started Pistol Lake in 2012 with a simple mission: to make the highest quality gear, ethically. Treating employees with compassion and dignity. We truly believe the world needs ethical manufacturing and livable wages, now more than ever. Thank you for being a part of this and we look forward to getting through this thing together.

    -Ryan & the whole Pistol Lake team