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    Pistol Lake Best Sellers: September 2020

    Pistol Lake One-Bag Zip Hoodie

    3… 2… 1… bzzzzz!

    If there’s one thing we’ve learned since hopping on the Naomi Osaka bandwagon, registering to vote, and learning how to dominate socially-distanced Zoom games from afar – we all love a winner.

    So we’re counting down the Pistol Lake champions of September 2020…but are you late to the party or leading the charge?

    1. Minimalist Tee
    Ah, our classic fit – right where it belongs at No. 1. No matter the season, weather, or occasion, the Minimalist Tee has you covered. Available in Black, Heather Gray, Navy, Army, Wine, Rosebud, Pacific Fog, and Light Heather Gray.

    2. All-Around Shorts
    Over a year ago, we launched our massively-successful Kickstarter campaign for these bad boys. Nowadays, you can find the new and improved V2 in Black, Charcoal, Navy, Gargoyle, Tan, and Olive.

    3. One-Bag Henley
    Just in time for the cooler months, our One-Bag Henley is campfire-ready – grab one in Black, Heather Gray, Navy, Charcoal, Burgundy, and Hunter.

    4. Minimalist Trunks
    These lovely undies are the perfect cherry on top of your Eudae sundae – or an excellent stocking stuffer if you’re a forward-thinking holiday shopper.

    Pistol Lake Minimalist Baseball Tee

    5. Minimalist Short Sleeve Henley
    Our long-time staple Minimalist Short Sleeve Henley saw a restock in four exciting shades – check these bad boys out!

    6. One-Bag Zip Hoodie
    The hype for our future hoodie is already off the charts! Snag one during the pre-sale and automatically save 10% – reserve your favorite color now.

    7. Minimalist Joggers
    Last year, we could barely keep these stocked up during the holiday season. Grab yours in the slick Charcoal while you still can.

    8. Cotton Henley
    Although we love our Eudae, there’s nothing wrong with a classic cotton fit either – perfect for both WFH and hikes, so what’s not to love?

    9. Minimalist Baseball Tee

    Our Minimalist Baseball Tee is just in time for the postseason. Whether you’re matching your favorite team's colors or just trying to look good on that cute hayride date, we got you covered.

    10. Minimalist Boxer Briefs
    Listen, everybody needs underwear, that’s why it made the list twice! No matter how you style your downstairs region, there’s a heavenly-feeling option here for you. 

    And that's the list! Whether you've got a long-time favorite or a need for something brand new, Pistol Lake has got your back. 

    Happy Hunting! 

    Restock Alert: One-Bag Tees, our pride and joy

    One-Bag Tee Pistol Lake

    Over the last few months, our One-Bag line has grown tremendously.

    After perfecting the One-Bag Henley, we felt so much love that we quickly mocked up even more iterations.

    Although we're happy to shoutout the One-Bag Polos' beautiful summertime launch and our ongoing pre-sale for One-Bag Zip Hoodies, we've gathered today to celebrate a welcomed restock of the One-Bag Tee.

    As of this very second, those bad boys are loaded up in all six core colors: Hunter, Heather Gray, Charcoal, Burgundy, Navy, and Black.

    The One-Bag Tee focuses on versatility and comfort but it certainly doesn't slack on the style either.

    This shirt rocks all the perks you'll find in our classic Minimalist Tee – but we've created it from Midweight Eudae. While this means the One-Bag Tee is about as thick as our Cotton Crew Tee, it still reigns as the softest option in our shop.

    The leaves are falling and the weather is getting even cooler, so there's no better time to embrace the One-Bag Tee.

    New Launch: All-Day Hemp Tee

    All-Day Hemp Tee Pistol Lake

    Say hello to our beautifully textured All-Day Hemp Tee.

    Crafted from breathable 5.6 oz. organic hemp + cotton jersey, this shirt is sure to become a favorite of sustainable style.

    Our buttery-soft Midweight Hemp fabric naturally molds to your body, giving a truly personalized fit that’ll keep you comfortable and cozy throughout the day.

    Beyond that, the All-Day Hemp Tee is built-to-last with perks like:

    • Sustainable fiber which required no irrigation, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers
    • Sewed from crops that naturally restore environmental balance by detoxifying soil, water, and air
    • Durable fabric that stands up to washing and drying, plus it gets softer with age
    • Breathable + moisture-wicking, so incredibly airy in warm weather

    Back at it in the new colorways of Marine, Fungi, and Carbon, these bad boys are ideal for the crisp months ahead.

    Best of all, these hemp fibers naturally repel the growth of bacteria and odors – seriously. Andrew, our long-time leader of Production, pushed this shirt to the limit during a road trip up the California coast and we're proud to report no smells even after a week of wear.

    Hit the shop now and find yourself a fresh favorite.

    One-Bag Zip Hoodies: Yes, You Read That Correctly

    Pistol Lake One-Bag Zip Hoodie

    We’ve spent much of 2020 restocking old fan favorites, but it’s finally time to introduce something new and exciting into our classic collection: The One-Bag Zip Hoodie. 

    Yup, you read that right.

    Before we even get into the nitty-gritty, just know that you’ll save 10% by snagging them during this special pre-order period. These early dibs are super important as it allows us to minimize our carbon footprint and only produce as much as you want. 

    The One-Bag Zip Hoodie is made from our Midweight Eudae and the result is an outstandingly-versatile and stylish jacket that fights odor, dries quickly, and resists sweat. 

    Sure, those are all fabulous technical qualities, but this hoodie also doubles as the softest and comfiest zip-up we've got. Pull it all the way up for those late night campfires, then wear ‘em down during a warmer bike ride to work.

    Get your hands on a One-Bag Zip Hoodie and be the uber-stylish outdoorsman you’ve always dreamed of becoming. We'll only make them if we get enough pre-orders, so snag one soon. 

    Pre-order now in Black, Charcoal, Heather GrayBurgundy, Hunter, and Navy.

    Take On The 'Bers: Minimalist Short Sleeve Henleys Are Here

    Minimalist Short Sleeve Henley Pistol Lake

    As we close in on next season, we're thrilled to bring back one of our long-standing favorites. 

    While last week introduced an entirely new product in the Stretch Terry Henley, now we’re all stocked up on our revered Minimalist Short Sleeve Henley. Today, you can snag one (or two, or maybe even three…) in Army, Heather Pacific FogHeather Hunter and our latest short-run, Pacific Fog.

    Our Minimalist Short Sleeve Henley is a Fall-ready outfit all on its own, but it’s also an inevitable staple for your wardrobe. The fabric’s near weightlessness makes it ideal for throwing on under a sweater and will double as the perfect end of summer shirt as well. Our Eudae always wicks away sweat and fights odor, keeping you at the immaculate crossroads of both cool and comfortable.

    Layer up or dress down, this Henley will help you handle all the ‘ber months ahead.