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    Grab Some Sunshine: Minimalist Raglans in Pacific Fog

    Grab Some Sunshine: Minimalist Raglans in Pacific Fog

    It's been a run of new Pacific Fog editions lately – and, yes, we really do miss the sunshine and summertime that much. First, we launched it as a One-Bag Henley, quickly followed by more Minimalist Boxers and One-Bag Tees in the light blue shade too.

    Today, that colorway family expands again with our long-awaited Minimalist Raglan in Pacific Fog. Whether you live near the foggy, Pacific Ocean-inspired location or just dream of the brighter, adventure-laden days ahead, this launch is the answer!

    And, if that's not quite your style, all of our core colors – BlackNavyHeather Gray, and Army – arrived last week. 

    Super soft with anti-stink and sweat-wicking technology hand-sewn into every piece, our Raglans will keep you cozy whether you're on the slopes or snuggled on a couch.

    Launch City: The Builder Shirt Pre-Sale

    Builder Shirt Pistol Lake

    Today is a big day at Pistol Lake because we're officially stepping back outside the box again.

    While Eudae is our bread and butter, staying comfortable but stagnant is not something we do well. So the team hunkered down, hit the lab, and came up with a new timeless shirt inspired by classic American workwear.

    We're so happy to introduce our Builder Shirt, a pre-sale prototype unlike anything else we've made before. Here's the rub:

    Made with 7 oz. 100% Cotton Twill, this rugged overshirt comes with all of Pistol Lake's minimalist stylings. Perfect as the top layer during the springtime but helpful as a mid-layer in the snowy tundra, the Builder Shirt is ready for anything.

    Best of all, the relaxed fit gives more room in the body than most Pistol Lake shirts, so it'll cover you from weekend garage projects to the bar with ease.

    Pre-sales are available now in Alpine, Vintage Black, Faded Navy, and Sand!


    • Heavier than your average button-down shirt - like a cross between a shirt and a jacket.
    • Or, more affectionately, a "shacket"
    • Soft, broken-in feel with a flat waistline
    • Two chest pockets with built-in pencil slot
    • Contrast stitching on the pencil slot + top buttonhole
    • Sewn loop on the back for hanging
    • Resistant to tearing and abrasion, put it to the test
    • Preshrunk so it'll never lose its shape, no matter the project
    • We recommend ordering your usual shirt size
    • Size down if you want an extra-snug fit, but there is no stretch

    Pre-sale Note: Waste not, want not. This is a pre-sale and we're doing something new with pricing to reward early birds. The earlier you reserve one of these bad boys, the more you'll save. 

    The $79 price you see now will increase continually until delivery in late March, assuming we hit our minimum order quantity.

    Chase your future spring daydreams with our newest creation yet – what are you waiting for?

    Minimalist Raglans are ready to rock

    Minimalist Raglan

    Unpredictable weather just keeps on rolling this winter – from power outages up in the Pacific Northwest to our friends in Texas even gettin' snowy.

    And although we're not certified meteorologists, we can see into the future... and yours will look a whole lot warmer with Pistol Lake.

    To fight off all sorts of inclement situations, we're bringing back Minimalist Raglans in our core colors of BlackNavyHeather Gray, and Army. These buttonless, simplified threads are perfect for layering under a shell of your choosing or just huddling up around a warm fireplace.

    Super soft with anti-stink and sweat-wicking technology hand-sewn into every piece, our multi-wear Raglans will keep you cozy and smelling fresh instead of slogging back and forth to the washing machine. 

    That's a win-win this February – so snag a few while they're in stock!

    Getting To Know Pistol Lake: Ryan Light, CEO

    Pistol Lake Team Photo

    Over the past few years, we've tried our best to get to know you all – to hear your ideas on new products, styles, colors – and you've given us a world of inspiration. But it's come to our attention that you might not know all that much about us!

    And in order to love a community, you've got to know them first. So, we went around the horn with our entire team. For those that have wished to learn more about the ones behind the curtain, here's your chance.

    Of course, we're kicking things off with Ryan Light, the company's ever-fearless CEO.

    Q: Who are you and what do you do at Pistol Lake?

    A: I’m Ryan Light, and I run Pistol Lake along with some of my best friends in the world. It’s an absolute honor to get to work with such cool folks, and make great clothing.

    Q: Where are you from? How’d you end up with Pistol Lake?

    A: I’ve moved around quite a bit, Southern California to rural North Texas to Austin to Boston and now, back full circle to Venice, CA.

    My time in Boston, oddly enough, ultimately led to my joining Pistol Lake. I met the founder William there. We were both participating in a tech accelerator called Techstars, and working for separate companies. We became fast friends over our shared interest in basketball, dive bars, and entrepreneurship. That friendship turned into being roommates in a funky, drafty apartment in East Cambridge together.

    After we had a zillion enthusiastic conversations about the clothing company he wanted to build, Will moved from that apartment to LA to start Pistol Lake. I was an early advisor, investor, and a huge fan of the product. So when William decided that he wanted to just focus on the fabrics, production, and styles, he reached out to me to take over the marketing and day-to-day operations.

    I packed up my apartment in Boston and moved out to Venice. It’s proven to be one of the best and most rewarding decisions I’ve ever made.

    Q: What’s your top-to-bottom favorite Pistol Lake look?

    A: I’m a big shorts guy and I love our All-Around Shorts – so I’d say Gargoyle AAS. I love our boxer briefs, so I’d rock those underneath (I’ll spare you the details on the color) and up top: a Minimalist Short Sleeve Henley in either Black or Navy depending on which kicks I pull out of my closet.

    Q: If you were a PL product, which one would you be?

    A: I think I’d be a Minimalist Tee – I’d like to think I’m simple but with a touch of class, and I try to be easy-goin and fit in anywhere.

    Q: What’s the best/worst purchase you’ve ever made?

    A: Best: I bought an Arbor Pilsner skateboard that I’ve put literally thousands of miles on and it feels just as great as the day I got it.

    Worst: Years ago, I bought an infomercial car washing system called the Shamzami. It connects to your hose and spins and looks all awesome on TV – like it would make washing your car super easy/fast.

    Turns out, it just got me soaked and didn’t work at all… I should have noted that the name itself started with “sham” and been skeptical.

    Q: What’s your favorite sports moment?

    A: I went to the University of Texas in Austin and I was at the UT vs USC National Championship in 2006 at the Rose Bowl – which many pundits consider the best college football game of all-time.

    That game was absolutely bonkers throughout… but the moment where Vince Young, facing 4th & 5 and down 5 points with 26 seconds left, scrambled to his right, got the corner, and scored what would be the winning touchdown.

    I lost my voice that night from elated yelling and my hands were sore from the high-fives my buddy gave me.

    Bonus Q: You’ve now lived in Austin, Boston, and Los Angeles – rank them in terms of best overall food options/experience.

    A: Man, this is a tough one because I get really prideful of anywhere I’m currently living, and have lived… that’s just kinda how I’m wired, to love where I’m at and be appreciative of my spot.

    Food is an easy one for me, but a bit unfair to Boston. 

    1A: LA – mainly because of the availability of styles of food from around the world
    1B: Austin - I love their BBQ, Mex-Mex, and Tex-Mex, but they don’t quite have the variety of LA so they are slightly edged out.
    3: Boston - the Italian food and Chinatown there are AMAZING - and Boston is a great food city, but the Mexican food there always left something to be desired, and that’s what I grew up eating - so I have to put it in 3rd here.

    As far as experience – I legit have to make this a three-way tie. All three of these places have amazing cultures and places where I made lifelong friends and memories. Plus they all have their own unique things that make them badass… so, sadly, I gotta go the diplomatic (but honest) route and say that I love all three places equally.

    For more astute takes from Ryan, you can find him tweeting memes at @Ry0n or taking pictures of his dog on the beach at @snazzymustache on Instagram.

    Hope For Spring: One-Bag Polos Are Back

    One-Bag Polo

    Happy One-Year Anniversary to our One-Bag Polo!

    Launched nearly 365 days ago, it was a long-fulfilled and hinted destiny for one of our most-requested items. While a hopeful summer season is right around the corner, now is the best moment to load up.

    Today, we’re restocked in Black, Heather Gray, CharcoalNavy, and Burgundy.

    A solid member of the Midweight Eudae family, our One-Bag Polos are extremely versatile – no matter what situation you may find yourself in.

    Crafted from TENCEL™, recycled water bottles, and spandex, the One-Bag Polo is naturally antimicrobial/odor-resistant, crazy soft, quick-drying, sweat-wicking, and boasts four-way stretch, so it's ready for anything - from pandemic couch surfing to front yard distanced hangs to work Zoomin'.

    So if you're searching to perfect your sunny beach vibes before the snow even melts, we've got your answer.