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    Suns Out, Funs Out: Minimalist Tank Tops Restocked

    Pistol Lake Tank Minimalist

    Back in June, we launched the Minimalist Tank Top – but before you could even snap your fingers, they were gone.

    Pistol Lake is lookin’ out for y’all, so not only did we restock them in Black and Heather Gray one last time before the leaves start falling, but we're also giving you our two latest short-run additions in Army and Pacific Fog.

    We quite literally took our perfectly-crafted Minimalist Tee and knocked the sleeves off them – creating absolute summertime bliss. Simply put, our lightweight Eudae is true to its name. Buttery soft and unbelievably airy, it’s been deliberately crafted to endlessly deliver.

    They’re odor and wrinkle-resistant, wick away moisture, and dry insanely fast too. So sun, wind, rain, or snow – they’ve got you covered.

    Restock: Minimalist Baseball Tee

    Minimalist Baseball Tee Eudae Pistol Lake

    The days are getting shorter and nights are growing cooler, so the long-overdue restock of our Minimalist Baseball Tees are finally here.

    Just in time for the leaves to change color, we’ve brought back two of our favorite core colors in both Black and Army.

    Our Minimalist Baseball Tee is a performance-ready version of vintage athletic apparel – anywhere you need to go, it follows. Recognized as a summertime staple, we couldn't imagine a more simplistic and snazzy design than these Pistol Lake gems. 

    They're made of lightweight Eudae, so they're incredibly comfy, dry super fast, and stay conveniently wrinkle-free. From the campfire to the couch, it’s the perfect companion for whatever September brings your way.

    Pistol Lake Adventures: Yosemite Recap & Tips

    Pistol Lake Raglan Yosemite

    Hey, dudes! Since we have some new readers these days, I just wanted to reintroduce myself. I’m Andrew and I head up everything on the product and manufacturing side at Pistol Lake. I’ve been with the company from the beginning and occasionally like to post some extra notes about what goes into our product, details on garment construction, or really anything else I think PL fans might find cool/interesting.

    Last week, I escaped LA lockdown and headed north on a much-needed respite from the screen. Despite having lived in California for most of my life, this was my first trip to Yosemite National Park. Whether you live within a day’s drive of the park, it should be on your bucket list of incredible places to visit. If you’re considering a road trip to Yosemite of your own in the near future, here’s a list of Pistol Lake gear I packed, a few quick tips, and my favorite spots.

    In The Backpack:
    • Minimalist Raglan: I wore this shirt every day for hiking, biking, and basically anything active. The long sleeves provided great sun protection while still keeping me very cool in the mid-80s weather thanks to lightweight Eudae. It’s also cut with flatlock raglan shoulder seams, so there was never any chafing from shoulder seams while I carried my day pack. I only wore this one shirt during the day for 5 days straight with copious back-sweat while hiking, biking, and skateboarding at the skatepark in Mammoth on the last day. The shirt was mostly odor-free until day 5 – pretty damn good!

    • All-Day Hemp Henley: This was my go-to shirt in the evenings after the day’s activities and while driving. It was super soft and breathable, yet felt substantial. I wore the Fungi colorway, which has a nice earthy look that’s perfect for camping and road-tripping. I like the long sleeves for sun protection purposes.

    • All-Around Shorts: I wore the newly updated All-Around Shorts every day while hiking and biking. I can definitely say that the updated front pockets are a big improvement – no feeling like the pockets’ contents needed to shift to the inner thigh. Even after scraping the shorts up while climbing on some rocks, they still look brand new. I jumped into the river after a hike with these shorts and they dried within minutes (I was at high altitude in a dry climate though).

    • Minimalist Boxer Briefs: Besides socks, this is the only item that I packed more than one of. The lightweight Eudae fabric was a savior for hiking and biking– very smooth, quick-drying, and cool for the boys :)

    • French Terry Joggers: I wore these in the evenings for lounging and even for sleeping one night on the eastern Sierra side of the park when the air temp dropped into the low 50s.

    • Minimalist Tee: My go-to sleep shirt. Lightweight Eudae absolutely cannot be beaten in softness and keeping you cool.

    Preparing For The Trip During COVID:
    Normally, getting a camping reservation inside the park is like winning the lottery. Most folks reserve their camping spot many months in advance. Now, camping spots are even scarcer with only one campsite open inside the park (and only at 50% capacity).

    Because of the pandemic, day-use entry at the park is probably the best you can do. But don’t fret because the number of people allowed in the park is greatly reduced compared to a normal summer day. That means less crowded trails, less traffic on the roads, and more wildlife sightings in the park – a great incentive to go now.

    You’ll need to make a reservation for a day pass ahead of time via NPS. All of the restrictions are subject to change so make sure to keep checking back before you hit the road.

    There are a number of campgrounds outside of the park within 20 minutes to 1-hour drive to one of the entrances. You can find paid camping right here and some great free camping sites there. I camped one night at a free site, Lumsden Bridge Campground.

    It’s a little way outside the El Portal entrance of the park, but the campsite is right along a river great for fishing, rafting, and floating in an inner tube. If you camp here, be prepared to get there with a car that has decent ground clearance as you’ll need to drive off-road for about 5 miles.

    It’s not a difficult road to drive, but it has some steep spots and a few ruts and rocks on the road that could pose a danger to your Toyota Prius. Any SUV or sports wagon would be more than adequate and 4-wheel drive is not required.

    If you have a truck with a camper shell, van, or SUV equipped for sleeping, then the world is your oyster. I drove my Ford E series van equipped with a basic home-built mattress platform with lots of storage underneath the bed.

    Nothing fancy, but with all but the front seats removed and a few inexpensive interior updates, (highly recommend making removable Reflectix window coverings for temperature control and privacy) it’s been my road trip warrior from northern Baja up through southern Oregon.

    You can spend all day inside the park, and even cook dinner at one of the many awesome picnic areas. Exit the park after dinner and find a forestry road off the main highways where you can easily pull off and spend the night. Some spots even allow for tent camping, just no campfires. Just off highway 120, I found a nice spot on Harden Flat Road. I'd definitely check it out if you’re looking for a stealthy, yet beautiful spot to spend the night.

    If you’re on the eastern side of the park, there are some great free and paid camping areas around the lakes just outside of the Tioga entrance and further out at June Lake and Grant Lake. The Eastern Sierra’s are absolutely magnificent and you could easily spend a few days exploring the area outside of the park if you aren’t able to get a day-pass.

    Top 6 Favorite Yosemite To-Dos:
    1. Taft Point: Drive there and then make the short hike for the famous birds-eye view of Yosemite Valley. Bring your binoculars to get up and close with numerous waterfalls and the famous rock face El Capitan free-soloed by Alex Honnold. Go there for sunrise or sunset for an added bonus.

    2. Vernal Falls and Nevada Falls: Make the steep hike to the top of one of the most amazing waterfalls I’ve seen. It’s strenuous in the heat, but you’ll be rewarded with the view.

    3. Float the Merced River: Bring an inner tube and leisurely float through Yosemite Valley, while you’re surrounded by 360 degrees of nature’s grandeur. Water is cold but feels great on a hot day in the valley.

    4. Ansel Adams Gallery: Visit the little gallery near the visitor center in the heart of the valley. After doing some of the hikes, you’ll develop a new appreciation for how strenuous it must have been lugging heavy antique camera gear along some of these trails.

    5. Tuolomne Meadows: Take a leisurely walk on the paths around this picturesque grassy meadow, laced with creeks and ponds. Definitely try to go at sunset when many birds, deer, and other creatures emerge.

    6. Lake May: A fairly easy hike to a beautiful high altitude glacial lake, with views of Half Dome, Cathedral Peak, etc. along the way. Great place for a lunchtime picnic.

    Last Tip:
    I highly recommend bringing your bike. You can park in the valley and then easily get around the valley to different hikes, sightseeing, and picnic spots without the hassle of trying to find parking. Plus you’ll absorb so much more of the beauty when you’re out of the car. There are paved bike paths and roads within the valley area and it’s mostly flat– fun for the whole family. You can rent bikes at the visitor center as well, but there’s nothing like having your own.

    Our V2 All-Around Shorts Are Ready For Everything

    Pistol Lake All-Around Shorts

    Today we’re stoked to be restocking our improved V2 All-Around Shorts.

    These babies have been best sellers since we introduced them in our Kickstarter campaign last Summer.

    And after we submitted for your feedback on reddit, we got to work on some small tweaks to improve them even more. Specifically, here’s what we changed:

    • Reduced pocket flare
    • Reshaped pocket bags so they fall toward the middle/outer part of the thigh
    • Updated attachment point of pockets to waist so it is further out toward the side seam
    • Added 1" more to waistband elastic addressing feedback that V1.0 waistbands were slightly tight

    The All-Around Shorts are meant for just that - wearing them everywhere. They’re water resistant, so they wick away any moisture you might come in contact with. The four-way stretch makes them ideal for morning jogs or bike rides to work. And they have a no-sheen, tailored look so you can feel comfortable anywhere you go - from hike to happy hour.

    They're all restocked in favorites: Black, Charcoal, Navy, Gargoyle, Tan, and Olive.

    Take less. Do more.

    One-Bag Polos: Back In All Their Glory

    Pistol Lake One-Bag Polos

    It probably feels like there’s been a common theme from us over the past few weeks. One-Bag This. One-Bag That. Well, you’re right – and that’s because our One-Bag line is simply incredible.

    This week, we’re stoked to drop three new colorways of the One-Bag Polo: Black, Charcoal, and Heather Gray.

    These polos are made from our midweight Eudae fabric and are one of the most versatile shirts on the market. Better, these bad boys boast antimicrobial properties that repel odors and wick away sweat. 

    Relieved of those dreadful buttons that most polos include, our version is revamped and styled to perfection. Grab one in our latest and greatest colors!