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    News — Short Sleeve

    Cotton Short Sleeve Henleys For Summertime

    Cotton Short Sleeve Henleys For Summertime

    Finally, summertime is in full-swing and your wardrobe could use a quick refresher. The sun might be getting hotter, but we’ve got even better news:

    Our Cotton Short Sleeve Henleys are back! These classics are perfect for lounging, taking those ubiquitous WFH video conferences, or even, dare we say, venturing out in the sun. They're now stocked up in core colors: Faded NavyClay, and Relic White.

    Created with comfort at the forefront, the Cotton Short Sleeve Henley is garment-dyed and constructed with pre-shrunk, soft, 100% organic cotton for anti-baconing collars. It has a tight knit for minimal drape and maximum longevity. 

    Take less. Do more.

    Short Sleeve Henleys + Inspired Pairings

    Pistol Lake Cotton Short Sleeve Henley

    As things begin to (cautiously) open up around the world, we’re here to provide some much-needed summertime gear.

    That’s right! This week, our Cotton Short Sleeve Henleys are knockin’ at your door – from six feet away, of course.

    These Henleys were given sleek sleeve hems, unique raglan seams, and a three-button placket. Or, in other words, all the perks and vintage look of our long-armed cotton classic – just without the extra fabric.

    Made from 100% organic cotton, they’re restocked in the core colors of Black, Charcoal, and Burgundy

    Here’s how we’re planning to pair our outfits this summer – so, if you’re feeling inspired, hit the shop and grab one for yourself!

    Minimalist Tees: New Colors + Restocks, Oh My!

    Minimalist Tees: New Colors + Restocks, Oh My!

    It goes without saying, but 2020 has been difficult and challenging so far – and we’ve faced unpredictable obstacles every day.

    But these roadblocks have only pushed us to create and give back even more. For Pistol Lake, we’ve done our best to focus on the here and now and its most pressing issues. 

    From our ever-evolving partnership with Players for the Planet to creating face masks and ensuring that a portion of our proceeds help healthcare workers receive medical-grade equipment, we’re trying to make a positive difference any way we can.

    However, these efforts are also why we’ve been able to sew more of the products you love and make the changes you’ve asked to see. On the Minimalist Tee front, we’re officially restocked in a fan-favorite and (un)officially launching a new shade altogether.

    Crafted from Eudae, our flagship shirt does it all. Between fighting off odors and wicking away sweat – all while looking your most stylish – we’re pretty sure you’ll never want to take the tee off. The store is now full-up on Navy and, introducing for the first time, a short-run in Light Heather Gray.

    Check out our latest creations here – but, most importantly, take care and stay safe.

    Minimalist Short Sleeve Henleys: Heather Hunter + Navy

    Minimalist Short Sleeve Henleys: Heather Hunter + Navy

    As the calendar continues to inch toward May, we’re on the verge of summertime – so we’ve been relaunching some of our long-time favorites.

    Last week, we came out strong with the brand-new Rosebud color for our Minimalist Tee. However, we didn’t want to leave our Minimalist Short Sleeve Henleys hanging out to dry – even though that's literally how we recommend drying them – so here’s our next big reveal. 

    Without further ado, please say hello to Heather Hunter! And, as an extra surprise, we’ve also restocked fan-favorite Navy too – both are perfect for all the indoor and outdoor adventures you’re currently lining up.

    Bottom line, these Henleys hold up as one of the comfiest and most fashionable shirts we’ve got. The Eudae fabric ensures that they wick away sweat and fight odor, a certain added bonus with those hotter months ahead.

    Style and performance combined, the Minimalist Short Sleeve Henley is the fresh update your wardrobe deserves right now.

    New Minimalist Tee Color: Rosebud

    Pistol Lake Minimalist Tee

    A few weeks back, Pistol Lake stocked up our Minimalist Tees in some core colors as the warmer days of spring quickly began to approach. Today, however, we’re back for even more. Starting now, we’ve restocked the always-popular Army and, excitedly, we’re launching an entirely new color called Rosebud.

    The Minimalist Tee is our all-in-one answer for anything the day throws at you, plus it comes with the added bonus of alleviating the constant nuisance to change clothes for every occasion.

    Made from Eudae, these threads are in the business of making performance shirts comfier and more versatile than ever before. Our Minimalist Tee rock antimicrobial properties which means you’ll have maximum breathability and the ability to fight off any odors that arrive after your cobbled together stay-at-home workouts.

    Additionally, we are finally able to sell masks on the site in packs of three. There are just a few packs left so grab 'em while they're in stock.

    Pistol Lake Minimalist Tee